Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Centers of Dade County, Inc.'s ("LHANC") mission is to identify the need and procure the funding necessary to provide low-income, frail, isolated elderly persons with quality social, nutrition, and health services allowing them to continue to live at home, albeit with some assistance and avoid early, costlier institutionalization.

  • Over 91% live below the poverty line
  • 64% are women
  • 77% are age 75 and older
  • 66% live alone
  • 93% are Hispanic


Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Centers provides its senior participants an array of comprehensive services:

01 Junio 2016

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Founded in 1972 with only three employees and a small office, the Little Havana Activities & Nutrition Centers of Dade County, Inc. ("LHANC") has grown into one of the largest providers of services to socially isolated and economically disadvantaged seniors in the South Florida area. 

Who We Are!

Who We Serve

  • ​​​​​Adult Day Care
  • Adult Education (English, Naturalization)
  • Alzheimer's Adult Day Health Care Centers
  • Case Management
  • Child Day Care
  • Companionship
  • Congregate Meals

Our Services

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LHANC serves over 11,000 unduplicated individuals each year and has served 81,000 since its inception. Over 11,000 served annually.


07 April 2017

Violeta Dueñas Monte 


Our Mission