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Inauguration of "The Violeta Dueñas Monte Senior Center and Adult Day Care" in West Kendall - 6800 SW 117th Ave., Miami, FL


​APRIL 2017

CONTACT: Ms. Bobbie Outerino
April 4, 2017


The inauguration of a new senior center for East Kendall to Assist

low-income and socially isolated seniors.

Miami, Florida April 4, 2017 - This coming Friday, April 7, 2017, starting at 11:00 am at 6800 SW 117th Avenue, in Miami, FL, Little Havana Activities & Nutrition Centers of Dade county, Inc. ("LHANC") will have the inauguration of "The Violeta Dueñas Monte Senior Center and Adult Day Care".  This has been a project long in the making and thanks to the leadership of Senator Anitere Flores, and her concern for our seniors, Little Havana Activities & Nutrition Centers was able to secure $2,700,000 from the state of Florida in order to make this center a reality.

In addition to Senator Flores’s commitment to this project, LHANC was also able to obtain $500,000 from Miami-Dade County through the efforts of Commissioner Javier D. Souto.

The Violeta Dueñas Monte Center will serve to relocate those seniors presently at the Mildred Pepper Senior Center.  This will relieve the overcrowding at the former Milder Pepper Senior Center and allow additional seniors from the area to receive the services offered by LHANC.  The new center will also consist of an adult day care center to house an estimated 100 frail, elderly individuals as well as 150 socially isolated seniors from the area.  

Seniors who attend the center will be offered, transportation to and from the center, arts and crafts, dominoes, bingo, exercise instructions, and preventive health and nutrition services at no cost to them, in a modern facility built specifically with the needs of our seniors in mind.

“Without the assistance of Commissioner Souto, the entire Miami-Dade County legislative delegation, and Senator Flores’s tenacity, this center would not be a reality for the seniors of East Kendall and for that we are truly grateful” said Ramon Perez-Dorrbecker, President and CEO of Little Havana Activities & Nutrition Centers of Dade County, Inc.  “Their commitment to the seniors of our community has allowed Little Havana Activities & Nutrition Centers the opportunity to continue to stay true to its purpose of providing quality services in a safe, and friendly environment for the frail elderly of Miami-Dade County”.

The Violeta Dueñas Monte Senior Center and Adult Day Care is one of two new facilities being opened by LHANC in 2017, and its second newest facility opening in the last 5 years. 

For additional information please contact Ms. Bobbie Outerino at 305.310.3923.


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