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Our Story

Our goal at Rainbow Intergenerational Learning Centers is to provide quality, individualized education in a fun, stimulating and nurturing environment.  Rainbow believes that children learn best while actively interacting with their environment.  We believe that by understanding children’s play, we can emphasize the process of learning rather than the product.  The Creative Curriculum approach is how we implement this goal.  By providing the services, opportunities for children to learn and grow in a developmentally age appropriate environment, children will foster their cognitive, emotional, physical and emotional development.    Our goal is for every child to have the opportunity to succeed in school and life! 

​​Ages:   0-5 years old

Hours: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm

700 SW 8th Street, Miami, FL  33010

Phone: 786.470.3002

Rainbow - Little Havana 

Little Havana:  CIIMD0358

Miami Beach:  C11MD0818

Rainbow - Miami Beach

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Our Goals

786.470.3002 Little Havana

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Phone: 305.532.4377

The first intergenerational child care program began opera­tions in June of 1984 at Little Havana under the basic premise that seniors have much to offer, and that provided with appropriate train­ing and certifications, they can become some of the best teachers and caretakers a child could ever want.


Several factors influenced the decision to begin an Inter­genera­tio­nal Learning center and childcare side by side with the Senior Centers:

Over the years the Agency wit­nessed the invaluable assets of seniors and the many contributions that they could make with the vari­ety of skills, experienc­es, knowledge and cultural wealth. 

There was the rec­ogni­tion of an eco­nomic ­need of many se­nior adults who benefit from a small in­come sup­ple­ment.          

Y­oung, fami­lies mov­ing into the city found diff­i­culties in securing af­fordable, high-quality child care for their young children, and therefore, charged the grand­par­ents with their care.

The "extend­ed” fam­ily begun to exhibit a wide­spread separa­tion. Younger members of the family were moving out leaving behind their parents, who expe­rienced isolation with all its dysfunc­tional consequenc­es.

Considering all these factors, the Agency saw that the creation of a ­Intergenerational Child Care Program was urgently needed.  Rainbow Little Havana has been in operat­ion since 1989, and Rainbow Miami Beach opened its doors in April of 1992.

Publications: Subject to My Heart: Rainbow Intergenerational Child Care Program by Rob Gurwitt 

Rainbow Intergenerational ​Learning Center & Child Care


The Rainbow Intergenerational Learning Center and Child Care Program provides an opportunity for children to develop their maximum potential. The service is offered to working for low-income families. By providing them with access to safe, quality child care services, children of low-income families are prepared to compete on an equal basis with other children of better economic means.

By identifying the obstacles that prevent children from learning, the program enables its children to develop the skills necessary to succeed in their school life.

In addition, parents will find a safe, professional, loving, and culturally sensitive environment for children while they become better informed on issues relative to child rearing.

Rainbow Child Care Services are offered to children between the ages of 0 through 5. This program is offered on a sliding scale fee and subsided services are also available. 

For additional requirements, please call Annie Benedetti (305) 858-0887 Ext 237. Send an email here.

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